ultra cool country in Central Europe.

Any englishman who says they don't like the Germans are either racist, or ignorant.
Like us, they worship football. Like us, they support their teams loyally through the hard times as well as the good. Like us they love to drink beer and socialise. Like us, they sometimes drink too much! Like us, they eat a huge amount of cooked/cured meat, and not so much snail juice and frog bollock.
Like us, despite their/our unemployment problems, are mostly hard working, blue collar folk. Like us, they have embarrasing traditions involving big men in girly cloths! Like us, they have a problem with right-wing extreemism.

Unlike us, they are unashamed in admitting their past mistakes and atrocities, which should help to ensure that they don't repeat them.

Despite the stereotype, they have a very cool, understated sense of irony that rivals ours.

It is a modern, wealthy, powerful democracy whom we should be proud to be allied with. Unlike France.
Even though the last time the three countries fought, Germany was our enemy and France our ally, Germany is held in a much higher regard in England than is France.
by StGeorge November 07, 2006
The only Western Democracy with brains enough to ban Scientology as a religion and put them under perpetual state surveillance.
Germany knew from bitter experience that a malevolent organization like Scientology had to be stopped!
by Anonymous Anthropologist August 12, 2008
Germany is a beautiful country full of people who respect each other and are still repenting for the holocaust 60 years after it ended. Germans would never even dream of saying that they are proud of being German, because their sense of pride and identity was trashed by some freak from Austria a long time ago. The holocaust wasn't the fault of the general population, and Germans have only recently started assuming a kind of national identity again, listening to bands singing in German, enjoying German movies and taking pride in German food, culture, landscapes, tolerance and openness. Germany deserves respect- it has had to suffer long enough.
I'm German-American living in Munich, so I know what I'm talking about, in case you were wondering. Germany is fantastic.
by minionofher March 25, 2006
Germany is one of the few countries that admits to and repents the crimes it has committed, something which other countries cannot claim of themselves.
Non-German European who ignorantly believes all Germans are Nazis: Germany is responsible for millions of deaths, which must mean they still willingly support the Nazi ideology, completely illogical bastards that they are.
Me: What about the millions of (insert minority group here) you murdered in your colonies in Africa?
*sound of crickets*
by Nadezhda May 12, 2006
The most populous country in central Europe, Germany was divided into two separate states from 1949 until 1990 when the GDR (East Germany) was absorbed into the FRG (West Germany). Germany is an industrial giant and has the largest economy in Europe.
"Germany is at the heart of Europe."
by scenester November 15, 2005
Germany is the origin of numerous great inventions, such as:

- Rocketry
- MP3
- Heroin
- Gummy bears
- Communism
- The jet plane
- Computers
- Beer!

So lets all stop bashing them and show some gratitude instead.
German scientist: "Yes, yes, somezing is missing. I know! I will infent me a flying defice. And an electric computing machine wizz a storatch to do steering. Yes and I shall infent a strong opioid to fight longflight boredom as well as fitting yet-to-infent gelatin candy. Excellent..."

Assistant: "May I haff zome of zee gelatin candy?"

German scientist: "Nah you may not!"

Assistent .oO("Oh Im zoo wütend! I will drink zome of zee alcoholic beferage I infented lately and zen I will zinc up a zoshall system for Germany where zee candy is for ef-eryone!")
by poki June 09, 2006
A nation with a tortured history in the heart of Europe where governmental support of the arts and artists is a given. Germany's closest friend and ally is France (whose armies, under Napoleon, raped and pillaged their way across the Rhine between 1805 and 1806). Traditionally both a Roman Catholic and a Lutheran country, depending on the region, Germany now has the fastest-growing Jewish population in the world. The Austrians are ethnic Germans (Austria was historically the most powerful German state until its defeat by Prussia in 1866); the Swiss are not.
If you give a "thumbs-down" to this entry on Germany, then you are woefully uninformed.
by Victor Felix July 01, 2006
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