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Germany is a beautiful country full of people who respect each other and are still repenting for the holocaust 60 years after it ended. Germans would never even dream of saying that they are proud of being German, because their sense of pride and identity was trashed by some freak from Austria a long time ago. The holocaust wasn't the fault of the general population, and Germans have only recently started assuming a kind of national identity again, listening to bands singing in German, enjoying German movies and taking pride in German food, culture, landscapes, tolerance and openness. Germany deserves respect- it has had to suffer long enough.
I'm German-American living in Munich, so I know what I'm talking about, in case you were wondering. Germany is fantastic.
by minionofher March 25, 2006
an urban goddess, an actress who is slightly egocentric but has a huge heart and deserves to be worshipped. she is hard to understand, but once you have gotten past her cool exterior your world will revolve around her. she is fully consumed by theatre, literature and the person she loves, whom she would probably kill herself for if the need arises. accept her view of the world, and you will gain the love of your life and never look back. anja is unique and fascinating.
"anja, i wrote a poem for you... do you like it?" - "i'd prefer not to talk about it right now." ???
by minionofher March 25, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, the wide majority of German women DOES shave under their armpits.
"Oh, look at her German armpits!" - "They're not German. They're French."
by minionofher March 25, 2006
the most beautiful city in the world
"i'm moving to munich in the spring." - "omg, will you take me with you??"
by minionofher March 25, 2006
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