somebody who is really hot
**** is really hot and so is his brother ***
by *** March 16, 2005
Great people! They are also very good car engineers!

Some German Car Makes:

Germans make great cars!
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
People who now have nothing to do with the world wars and know more than others that hitler is austrian. They are often proud and can be mistaken for arrogant and they are also very laid back people that don't have anything against the english or americans
none given
by anonymous January 21, 2004
A guy with a beautiful spanish name and the most amazing color eyes.
Did you see German's eyes, they are the most beautiful pair of eyes I've seen in my life.
by audi8282 July 24, 2010
Germans are very smart, and cool people.

Without them, who knows what the hell we would do.
Hey look that kid is German lets go party with him.
by Nire November 18, 2003
Deragotory description of another person's belated observation or contribution to the conversation or thread, indicating that their observation is 'old news' despite they're thinking it's 'new news.' Etiology: Belushi's character (Bluto) asks, " Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" to which Otter questions Boon, "Germans?" Boon responds "Forget it, he's on a roll."
Posting a link to a news story 2 - 3days old which has already been discussed ad nauseum: Brittany Spears may not be a good role model .. That so Germans.
by LSUs Fat Man February 01, 2009
It´s so funny to read all that crap.
Some People in Germany are well dressed, some bad (more are bad dressed, i guess thats kinda true), a few are Neo-Nazis, a few hate America, a few hate France, some love France, some love America, everyone hates Bush, some buy wifes in Thailand, some marry Irish men, some love to eat Weißwurst, most love to eat Italian can you all be so stupid to generalize what is german?
I AM German *damn* and I am NOT practical, I am NOT fat, I DON´T travel to cheap counries, these "intelligent" tech-guys are NOT hot, they´re ugly, (well, i AM damn hot :P )
Stop saying whats typical german! except Beer. Thats really typical german!

German: nice People, lots of history, lots of woods and hills, best known for beer, cars, history and sauerkraut.
That´s it.
Thank you.
My german Mother married an American Soldier 2 Years ago.
My Grandmother was not forced to be a Nazi. She just grew up with that System and accepted it.
by Amatou August 03, 2006
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