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A character called Adelbert Steiner from the videogame Final Fantasy IX. He is Captain of the Knights of Pluto and goes around shouting a lot. Nevertheless or perhaps by consequence he has a small cult following consisting of those who believe him to be God.

There are many other Steiners. Bear in mind that all of them are named after the almighty and omnipotent Adelbert Steiner. These include some wrestlers and some philosopher guy.
I am Adelbert Steiner and I will not work with you conniving thieves!

We have succeeded by the good will of the great Lord Steiner!
by Adelbert Steiner March 20, 2008
27 17
A tiny, overexcited being that will ruin the most perfect of days.
"My day was perfect until I encountered a Steiner."

"Oh fuck, a steiner. RUN!"
by Sharudith October 26, 2007
64 58
a large mug of beer to be enjoyed by friends in a social environment.
"Hey Steve, fancy a Steiner down the battle cruiser later?"

*To peers* "Steiner?"
by Raymododragon January 07, 2014
3 0