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a cucumber that sold that sold out, sold his/her soul to the devil...and the devil was dill
mini evil cu of cumber
by n333m October 20, 2004
A rundown in baseball.
Don't get in a pickel.
by TVinney June 01, 2005
something that tasts very good
umm i love pickels they are so juicy
by lizzy7 November 08, 2009
When your feeling sad and low,just get your finger and stick it up your nose!
ASh:my bf just broke up with me!
Kt:Well just do a pickel:]:]:]
by Jaddeesaray March 10, 2009
A cute though often annoying name used on a loved one such as "hunny bunny" or "sweet cakes" or "pumpkin"
"Aw pickel" he whinned " Why can't you let me do it...just this once?"
by Jaq December 31, 2005

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