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During sex or preferrably masturbation, right before climax, you take a freshly discarded ice cold nitrous cartridge and shove it up your ass. Also known as an eskimo.
Dude I was told to get a nitrous cartridge and give myself an oktober. Some things scar you for life....
by Scarred4LifeLAA January 30, 2010
Comes from the German word for the month October.
"The Pringled One"; one that often comes flocking to the smell of dick cheese or the sound of fapping on a cardboard box; Oktobers end up living with their parents in the same small town that they grew up in and is a klepto as well as a pathological liar. Likes to force men to jack off into their dirty socks and then steals them. Also, looks like they're having a stroke while climaxing.

Added note: Loves attention, will exchange sexual favors to receive it and is uncomfortable when not the center of attention. Interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior. Displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions are common.
Holy fuck that girl is such an oktober. Look how she whores herself out for attention.
by Scarred4LifeLAA January 30, 2010
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