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A dish from Germany, which is mainly composed of shredded cabbage that has been fermented in vinegar and sometimes white wine. The cabbage is then usually cooked together with potato and sausage as well. Makes for a good Oktoberfest meal. Wash down with lots of beer.
If we call Germans Krauts because of Sauerkraut, do they call us Hams from Hamburgers?
by Mr. Kraut November 11, 2006
A slang term for a pissed off German.
There were zero sauerkrauts at the Gernany vs. Brazil game at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!
by Mareantoinette July 09, 2014
The act of scooping a guy's balls or crotch-slapping a girl. Usually when the act is committed the phrase "sauerkraut" is yelled.
I walked up to Tina yesterday and gave her a sauerkraut. She called me a pervert and kicked me in the balls.
by nycvirgo April 18, 2009
A mangy old guy, rapidly going bald and wearing glasses, often seen riding a bicycle.
Jeez, there goes sauerKraut again.
by Albert Camus June 20, 2004
some shitty dish
"I like sauerkrauts."
"You like sour krauts?"
"But why sour Germans?"
"I mean sauerkraut, you dumbass."
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
une choucroute = sauerkruat
must be pronounced with a gay lispe
(citations)NICKY PANTIES
catherine douglas = fox/cougar
- (teacher) does anyone know wht une choucroute is in english
- (gay kid) ssssssssssssssssauerkrauttssss!!
by nicky panties May 29, 2008
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