It´s so funny to read all that crap.
Some People in Germany are well dressed, some bad (more are bad dressed, i guess thats kinda true), a few are Neo-Nazis, a few hate America, a few hate France, some love France, some love America, everyone hates Bush, some buy wifes in Thailand, some marry Irish men, some love to eat Weißwurst, most love to eat Italian can you all be so stupid to generalize what is german?
I AM German *damn* and I am NOT practical, I am NOT fat, I DON´T travel to cheap counries, these "intelligent" tech-guys are NOT hot, they´re ugly, (well, i AM damn hot :P )
Stop saying whats typical german! except Beer. Thats really typical german!

German: nice People, lots of history, lots of woods and hills, best known for beer, cars, history and sauerkraut.
That´s it.
Thank you.
My german Mother married an American Soldier 2 Years ago.
My Grandmother was not forced to be a Nazi. She just grew up with that System and accepted it.
by Amatou August 03, 2006
A really cool sounding language.
Steiner: Was ist los?

Stransky: Ich wünsche das Eisenkreuz!
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 19, 2005
Someone of German descent; A common language spoken throughout Europe. Germans are NOT Nazis, or always Angry and Aggressive. In fact, French people tend to be more aggressive then Germans. Stop calling Germans angry or Nazis, because they aren't always angry and they NEVER WILL BE NAZIS AGAIN! They were FORCED to be Nazis because of Hitler's strong stranglehold on Germany.

Person 2: Shut the hell up, FOOL! Germans were FORCED to be Nazis, and will NEVER be Nazis again! They also aren't naturally angry, THAT'S THE FRENCH!
by Fetus Bomber October 27, 2005

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Germany or its people.
2. Of or relating to the German language.


a. A native or inhabitant of Germany.
b. A person of German ancestry.
2. Any of the West Germanic languages and dialects spoken or originating in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, especially standard High German.
1. Glen is German
2. He speaks German
3. He is originally from Germany
4. His dad makes him salute the clothesline, which represents the "web of communism"
by Glen Hagan October 21, 2004
A group of people living mostly in Germany, the beaches of Southern Spain and Pennsylvania. They are great at pretty much everything, and have invented most technical gear you own or would like to own.

Being an awesome nation, a short Austrian named Hitler managed to make these good-humored people think they were the master race. This soon turned out to be false, and to this day, Germans travel the globe apologizing profusely for ever believing that crap.

Germans are known to be great lovers, although they often dress poorly and sometimes sport moustaches. That's why Karl Lagerfeld pretends to be French. As a rule of thumb, Germans posses the inverse skill set of the English, who suck at everything except wearing really, really, really groovy clothes and writing catchy pop songs.

Famous Germans include Beethoven, Wagner, the Scorpions, Einstein, Luther, Boris Becker, Kant, Milli Vanilli and most British Royalty. Ahmadinejad and Tom Cruise secretly want to be German, but they can't.
Your mum: Look at these guys, they are building a great car. Are they Japanese?

You: No, doh. They are tall and handsome, so obviously they are Germans. Let's go and nag them about the holocaust. (they walk over)

Hans: Ve are so sorry about what happened...
Fritz: Sorry.
by Kurt von Kraut December 02, 2009
Guess who invented bicycle, light bulb, printing, Asperin, fridge, car, coffee filter, moon rocket.......

Do you know Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Einstein, Goethe, Schiller, Heine, Martin Luther, Max Planck......?

That´s germany!!!
German has an undeserved reputation as a harsh-sounding language. One of the best arguments to the contrary comes in the form of German poetry...
by J.J.1965 October 04, 2006
Guten Tag!
No the Germans aren't nazis! Germans are cool and the girls are pretty. Boys from Germany are the hottest! So everybody who doesn't like the German should go there and talk to them.

"Hallo, wie geht's?" ( Hello, how are you?)
or "Tschüss" (Goodbye)
Germany is fucking cool, except for Angela Merkel!
by Orchidée May 23, 2006

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