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Used as a another name for penis to rhyme with jerking.
Stop Jerking Your Gerkin.


He's busy jerking his gerkin.
by Lazer November 27, 2001
what we call pickles down under
I'm hungry for some gerkins
by Anonymous September 11, 2002
The commander of a great ballsack army.
"Sir Gerkin! May we attack them with our pubicles, horrid smell, and acid jizz?"

"Yes you may, young private sack. Do these balls proud."
by Fat Washington November 05, 2003
A male merkin. Usually used to cover up something you picked up in Vegas or unsightly scars from that vacuum "accident" as a teen.
Hey Brooke, check out my sporty new gerkin! It keeps my cock nice and cozy.
by Mike from France May 09, 2008
1. noun. (gu`rk_in) He/she that holds more money then they should have. One that st-st-st-studders multiple times especially with the letter "m". A true owner of a landscaping business and the clean up guy on a film crew(who thinks he is a boss). One who cleans up in beer pong along with his teamate who is considered the best in the world(DA). With this team comes respect and a high level of greed. A person who smokes with the cigarettes and the bats. One who lives to trim trees and f sheep. A norweigon circumsized sailer.
I got that gerkin money

trim them trees gerkin

i get high on the reg

its fun to do bad things

I yanked it!!! I yanked the thing gerkin!!

you think you are a hot on gerkin
by gertsen landscaping March 13, 2010
Small, of less size or value
Your weiner is gerkin.
by Tom Ato March 09, 2005
A very, very tall and very,very thin person.
Jeeze, that guy is a gerkin!
by Simon March 07, 2005
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