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4 definitions by Lazer

Used as a another name for penis to rhyme with jerking.
Stop Jerking Your Gerkin.


He's busy jerking his gerkin.
by Lazer November 27, 2001
homo = homosexual/gay or offensive laguage
you bummed that boy you homo
by Lazer July 10, 2005
Blow(s) Ass
That was some blass game.

That's Blass.
by Lazer November 27, 2001
The easiest internet whore on the MMO World of Warcraft. Mentioning of money and or paying enough attention to this little whore will account in the immediate departure from his/her local airport straight to your house. Upon arriving, he/she will deny that they ever did anything with you to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.
"My girlfriend just pulled a Cucci on me and met a random guy on the internet in an MMO. She totally just got on a plane to go blow him"
by lazer February 29, 2012