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3 definitions by sharrypops

Those brain-dead inhabitants of facebook who for apparent lack of imagination would give thumbs up to just about anything. Cheese sandwiches, drizzle, nuclear holocaust etc.
"Ben always makes the most inane and trivial comments on FB and all his lackies seem to dig it."

"Don't mind them, they're just a braying herd of fummuppers."
by sharrypops October 15, 2009
10 0
unfortunate seepage during ticklish fellatio from heavily moustachioed individual. Male or female.
"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry your extravagant facial hair has caused me to pisstachio."
by sharrypops October 07, 2009
9 0
noun. An individual, group or corporation lacking basic common sense or "smarts". At least 2 sandwiches and a pickle short of a picnic.
"Blimey, Jason really is a not-genius regarding the management of Hammond Northsore Regional Airport."
by sharrypops November 21, 2009
7 0