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As used in the act of Pulling a Hammond.

To hit on an attractive waitress/bartender/stripper and ask for her number. Only to be rejected.

Most commonly referenced when the act is frequently repeated.
Joe pulled a Hammond last night with that hot waitress.
by wingsfan2010 January 31, 2010
A type of electric organ, commonly used in churches, jazz, blues, funk and rock music. Popularized by rock acts as Deep Purple, ELP and Uriah Heep, it became a standard of heavy rock keyboard.
Keith Emerson and Jon Lord were baddest ass Hammond players
by dildo777 July 15, 2016
One of the best characters and Generals in the show "Stargate; SG-1". Played by Don S. Davis (R.I.P).
Dude 1: God I love Gen. Hammond
Dude 2: He has some good one liners, but I prefer Teal'c
by jfaksnfkawejgiwJTIWE January 28, 2011
Or pulling a hammond whereby rather than spending money on branded clothing u spend half as much on double the amount of cheap shitty primark clothing.
Look that guys pulling a hammond.
by jonny corsane September 10, 2007
Pulling a Hammond, whereby someone of a much older age has a "physical" relationship with someone of a much younger age. Generally a teacher to student association.
Mike: That guy is like 40 years old
Patrick: Yea, he pulled a Hammond with that girl T Mac in our grade.
John: I know right
by TigerballZpants December 12, 2008
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