It's a dutch Gang.
They destroy any-one who ever gave them a hard time!
The most sad thing about this gang is that they're al teens.
allready they have the power of adults,guns,drugs,the cobs.
the most recent leader is -ca$h-.
another thing thats hould be mentioned is that this gang walks the streets with the whole gang.
the means a group of 25 people!
guy1: "i know that guy! he's a GEE!"
guy2: "are you kidding me?"
guy1: "no man, he's a member of the geez!"
#geez #gang #gansters #holland #dutch #ca$h
by ssstteeeffaaann January 21, 2007
Top Definition
Short for Jesus. Used by Christians who don't want to "use the Lord's name in vain" even though it's just as bad.
Geez I'm hungry. Better go to the potluck.
by wong August 27, 2003
Describing a big expression. Such as pain or joy.
Danniel runs across the hallway and hits a plant,he screams out "geez that hurts".
by Sosy May 10, 2005
Pronounced with a hard 'g' sound the 'g' in 'goat' or 'galaxy'), this is a relatively common Australian/New Zealand slang word for 'take a quick look at'. Is synonymous with 'gander' and 'squiz'.

Most commonly used preceeding the word 'giz' (contraction of 'give us', meaning 'Can I take a look at?' or 'Can I have?'). This is very informal english used mainly among people who know each other, and is not considered suitable for formal situations.
Can I have a geez at that paper?
Giz us a geez at what you got there.
#geez #australian slang #new zealand slang #giiz #kiwi slang
by Kiwisinthenight April 25, 2011
Geez (hard 'G') is an intravenous shot of an illicit substance (e.g. IV meth or heroin). The slang was more heavily used in the 1960s.
"Geezin a Bit of Dee Gee", "I just did a fat geez now I'm going to be up all night"
#hit #shot #mainline #bang #shoot #inject
by Nagelfar November 08, 2011
friend, or ally...term of endearment coined by late far rockaway mixtape legend Stack Bundles
Yo geez meet me at the club in twenty minutes.
#yo #son #fam #god #kid #stack bundles
by cj83 January 29, 2010
to 'look' at and/or into something.

" have a geez at that chicks head" LOL
#geez #geaz #geeze #look #stare
by Jessii MB April 14, 2009
A verb used when you want to do something or want to go some place.
Also used when asking for a go on something.
"We should geez some hot chips"

"Lets geez up to the bus stop, and catch the bus from there"

"give us a geez on ya skateboard"
#go #gheez #gease #geaz #geeze #geaze #jeasz
by mordor master September 23, 2009
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