to have a look at
to have a go
give us a geez of that xbox
by robis May 02, 2008
make drunk with excitement.
I was so geezed by her kiss, I hardly knew where I was going or what I was doing.
by LycraLady April 13, 2005
To back out, or bail on something you promised to do.
That dick completely geezed on us.
by MaHaBone January 28, 2004
Better you than me.
man1: Dude, I'm shot!

man2: Geez.
by Todd Vaughn December 18, 2003
Shortened form of geezer, the salt of the earth bloke definition...
Alright, geez?
by Saucy August 14, 2003
It's a dutch Gang.
They destroy any-one who ever gave them a hard time!
The most sad thing about this gang is that they're al teens.
allready they have the power of adults,guns,drugs,the cobs.
the most recent leader is -ca$h-.
another thing thats hould be mentioned is that this gang walks the streets with the whole gang.
the means a group of 25 people!
guy1: "i know that guy! he's a GEE!"
guy2: "are you kidding me?"
guy1: "no man, he's a member of the geez!"
by ssstteeeffaaann January 21, 2007

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