Something, somewhere or someone that you believe to be untruthful, uncool or otherwise counterfeit; something, somewhere or someone you think is dull or simply do not like them for any specific reason

Derived from the term "that's a crock", which has been shortened to the slang term "crock" and has been widely accepted in american society; Crock eludes to the shorthand term for crocodile (croc); Crocs are often mistaken for alligators to which the shorthand term for the alligator is "gator"

bullshit lies not reality not as it seems whack garbage rubbish deceiving deceptive deceitful elusive untrue mock sham make-believe counterfeit feigned trumped up bogus scamped fraudulent tricky artificial bastard illegitimate adulterated rotten at the core disguised not factual uncool undesirable out of style untrendy boring dull ordinary
Yo that shit is gator, son! (Urban)
Ya'll are gator! (Country)
That party was so gator bro! (Suburban)

She looks gator in that shirt.
I don't know what is more gator, her weave or her coach handbag. Bottom line is that girl is straight gator from head to toe.
Every politician is gator.
Sometimes, urban dictionary is gator.
OMG. School is so gator.
Work is even more gator.
Most shit you read in the media is gator.
The Yankees letting Joe Torre go after treating him like some sort of non-asset was gator.
The Yankees 2013 roster is gator.
If you find this page and your appreciate, like and use this term it is really cool for me, but pretty gator of you to search the web for new slang to pretend you invented. You ARE gator!
The fact that I am taking time out of my life to post to the world my newly invented multi dimensional slang term is in itself pretty fucking gator. So really, we are ALL gator and that, my friends, is a beautiful message of peace, hope and unity...

The term gator can be used in many different ways and forms. Use your imagination, but always use it to explain something that is unfair, untrue or that you dislike.
by DaveN6703 December 23, 2012
Top Definition
Best Pimp in the game, as seen from the movie the other guys.
Thinks he runs a dating service
Gator: these brazed short ribs taste like a dogs asshole

Sheila: Baby?

Gator: now im sittin here thinking who in the world would slow roast a dogs asshole and feed it to their husband.

Sheila: you are being awful!

Gator: Gator dont play no shit!
by checker887 January 05, 2011
Shoes made of alligator or crocodile leather, worn by pimps and other players.
Don't make me fuck my gators up on your face bitch, get me that money.
by Jesus II March 06, 2004
1. Verb: the act of smoking marijuana, from a bong, bowl, joint, wet mango, blunt, cone or whatever suits yo' fancy!
2. Noun:
-A quantity of weed...usually plural aka gatorS
-Someone who enjoys gators
I want to meet up with the other gators so that we can buy some gators and then gator!
by gatormomma November 29, 2006
Gator Advertising corperation is a bunch of fucked up motherfuckers who think it is a viable business venture to download programs to your comp without you knowing about it, then use them to download MORE programs and spy on you, and THEN sell that info to ad- companies that will send u popups and ads and even steal ur passwords and shit. FUCK GATOR. damn spyware pussies. Any good l33ts out there still, better than me, FUCK THEIR SERVERS OVER just for kicks.
I got that FUCKING precisiontime spyware shit from GATOR on my comp again, it fucked up my registry, I am SOO gonna take an acetelyne torch to their fucking server, since I cant seem to kill it any other way.
by Kane May 29, 2004
2004-2005 NCAA SEC Champions and National Champions.
Seminole fan: Dadgum damn ol' Gators dadgum always win, dadgumit!
by Dave June 27, 2004
To be giving a woman oral sex and looking up at your prey,as if you were an alligator submerged in a swamp awaiting her to climax and having her in the death roll.
I was a gator to that muff
by Jay the Gator August 17, 2012
1.) Champions
2.) 2008 BCS National Champions
3.) Greatest football team ever

1.) Gators woop in all sports!
2.)That sick Gator quarterback Tim Tebow just plowed through those defenders!

by swim4ever February 12, 2009
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