used when referring to your balls
Lance Krall (to imaginary dog): He keeps lickin' my gators!
by Trentfdjfkdshuieww February 28, 2008
Something, somewhere or someone that you believe to be untruthful, uncool or otherwise counterfeit; something, somewhere or someone you think is dull or simply do not like them for any specific reason

Derived from the term "that's a crock", which has been shortened to the slang term "crock" and has been widely accepted in american society; Crock eludes to the shorthand term for crocodile (croc); Crocs are often mistaken for alligators to which the shorthand term for the alligator is "gator"

bullshit lies not reality not as it seems whack garbage rubbish deceiving deceptive deceitful elusive untrue mock sham make-believe counterfeit feigned trumped up bogus scamped fraudulent tricky artificial bastard illegitimate adulterated rotten at the core disguised not factual uncool undesirable out of style untrendy boring dull ordinary
Yo that shit is gator, son! (Urban)
Ya'll are gator! (Country)
That party was so gator bro! (Suburban)

She looks gator in that shirt.
I don't know what is more gator, her weave or her coach handbag. Bottom line is that girl is straight gator from head to toe.
Every politician is gator.
Sometimes, urban dictionary is gator.
OMG. School is so gator.
Work is even more gator.
Most shit you read in the media is gator.
The Yankees letting Joe Torre go after treating him like some sort of non-asset was gator.
The Yankees 2013 roster is gator.
If you find this page and your appreciate, like and use this term it is really cool for me, but pretty gator of you to search the web for new slang to pretend you invented. You ARE gator!
The fact that I am taking time out of my life to post to the world my newly invented multi dimensional slang term is in itself pretty fucking gator. So really, we are ALL gator and that, my friends, is a beautiful message of peace, hope and unity...

The term gator can be used in many different ways and forms. Use your imagination, but always use it to explain something that is unfair, untrue or that you dislike.
by DaveN6703 December 23, 2012
the vehicle that transports you from field to field and around the athletic facilities.
Sir enjoys his daily ride on the gator.
by yo yo mahh March 13, 2009
Too old to be a cougar.

A woman in her 60's 70's or 80's dressed like a 21 year old, with the after affects of tanorexia
That woman is a total gator
by Robust staff May 22, 2009
Mascot of the University of Florida
The Gators home stadium is called The Swamp.
by Twice November 07, 2005
To give oral sex to a woman. When in this position, you look as if you submerged in the water like an alligator, especially if you looking up while in the act.
I gatored a girl last night.
by nudedudeoncouch October 22, 2010
Short for Lincoln Navigator, a high end luxury sport utility vehicle.
Did you see that 'gator on 22's?
by Bobby Digital March 07, 2004

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