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1) A person who likes the Show Stargate - SG1 and/or particpates in Stargate Fandom

There has been some discussion as to where the term orginated, the general opinion is that it orginated in on the newsgroup In a discussion as to what stargate Fans are called. The term was fully cemented into Stargate fandom when the forum was set up(This forum as a branch-off of when it closed down, Was founded by the same person (Sean Fitzgibbons) who founded
The term also reached *Offical* status when Brad Wright(Executive Producer) said fans call themselves "Gaters", on one of the DVDs
I am a Gater
You are a Gater
We are Gaters
by Kaso August 05, 2004
1a. a person who is a fan of Stargate, either the movie, the TV show SG-1, Stargate:Atlantis, or all three. (or just two out of the three.)

1b. a member of a secret bulletin board hidden in the depths of the internet. This bboard...well, lets just say...
by aya-kun March 24, 2005
A fan (enthusiast) of the Stargate franchise (Stargate movie, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Worlds, etc)
Gaters are waiting for the new season to start.
by Jacster November 21, 2008
T3h poster of the GAT, looked up to as a g0d
GATers pwn j00 n00bs!
by MonJoe May 15, 2003
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