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Codeword for smoking marijuana. Being high = being celebratory. Weed = party hats.
I like to celebrate from time to time, when we have an ample supply of party hats.
by R.T. Rybak January 11, 2005
To celebrate yourself is the act of masturbation. You can celebrate other people as well.
"I've spent the last half hour in the back room celebrating me."

"I'm going to my room to celebrate myself."

"She celebrated me last night."

by __FourFingers January 25, 2009
Alternative word for masterbation.
When I get home from school I'm going to make sure nobody is home. Then I'm going to sit in my bedroom and celebrate!
by Spencer Holowell May 05, 2004
To drink a lot. Drinking
Lets celebrate this weekend (Lets drink this weekend and indulge in debauchery and belligerence).
by AJ February 22, 2005
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