Can mean that the writer is confused, raising an eyebrow, and/or shocked but not about to say it. See o.O
"I'm a monkey! Roar I say, ROAR!!"
by Mr. Nozzers April 16, 2005
Not a word per se, more an ideogram of the face you would make. Indicative of suprise.
person: dude my computer broke
person2: o0
person: ya i know
by AtomSmasher October 07, 2003
OMFG your such a o0
by Sagey January 31, 2003
We don't really know, but if you use it, you're a "cool" internet user, like me.
"nubz0r 1: leik omg wuttup
nubz0r 2: nmu
nubz0r 1: be neither lawl
nubz0r 2: o.0"
by Lord Gargadan IV July 30, 2004

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