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l337 for fool
I pity da f00 who doesn't dial collect
by MonJoe May 15, 2003
Lego man, also known as forcey
b0xman is made out of legos... and hes trying to kill me!
by MonJoe May 16, 2003
The G0d of all games
Halo 2 pwnz j00 PS2!
by MonJoe May 15, 2003
Evil monster that eats all posts.
I'm gonna strangle the flood-control.
by MonJoe May 14, 2003
The Star Wars Galaxies Player Assosiation that 0wnz j00 PA
TCO pwnz
by MonJoe May 15, 2003
t3h l337 sating of rocks
MonJoe r0xx0rz
by MonJoe May 16, 2003
Guy:who's JAF?
Guy 2: No one special
by MonJoe September 14, 2003

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