The noise that your stomach produces when you have to take a shit/diarhea.
Man! I got some huge gargoyles right now.
by Mancino June 01, 2004
Top Definition
When one perches on the top of a tapped keg (resembling a gargoyle perched on the side of a building) and proceeds to let the beer flow into his/her mouth for an undisclosed amount of time.
Yo chiz is so wasted! Dude did like 30 gargoyles.
#kegstand #shotgun #beer pong #flip cup #wasted
by Nick McCaslin August 19, 2006
(n) A person who is extremely high to the point where they can barely move & only laugh.
Q-How high do you want to get?
A- Til I'm as stoned as a gargoyle!

Q-What should we do tonight?
A- Let's be gargoyles.
#high #stoned #creature #laughing #weed
by NinjaGargoyle July 01, 2011
The act of a drunk girl perched on the bathroom sink urinating because the stalls are full.
Damn, full house...I guess I can gargoyle the sink!
#girls #college #gargoyle #drunk #campuslive
by January 04, 2010
The act of squatting over a sink full of warm water. Your balls should be completely submerged. If someone were to walk in on this cleansing act, they would think you resemble a gargoyle.

One can cover themselves in solidifying chocolate syrup and do a stone gargoyle.
Man, my balls were so sweaty, I had to pull a Gargoyle the other night.
#stone squater #stone demon #bathroom esmerelda #chocolate ball cleanse #gothic sex act
by larper5000 October 11, 2010
A military code name/jargon for an enemy combatant in an elevated guard post.
Assassin this is Knife, I got two Gargoyles in that North tower. Marking them with my PEQ 2 now.
#sentry #look out #guard #watchtower guard #sentinel
by Ghost Dancer February 21, 2011
a cartoon series of the 90's or simply a noun for 'TO JERK' or a ridiculous answer if somebody asks something and you don't wanna give him an answer actually. everybodys gon laugh if u say that..guaranteed!
japon1: waddup dawg? whats happenin tonite?
japon2: GARGOYLES!
japon1: haahaa
japon2: haahaa
#to jerk #to jerk off #jerk #jerky #porn
by P.Stake$ July 01, 2008
A fat girl who takes naked pictures of herself, and they eventually get posted on Is Anyone Up.
Gargoyle of the day on Is Anyone Up is always nasty.
#fat chick nudes #is anyone up ##nbhnc #fat chicks #is anyone up?
by Fai hates you September 29, 2011
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