The act of urinating in ones mouth, usually as a celebration, initiation or hobby.

Can involve multiple Gargoyler's when there is a chain of urine streams to mouths.
Did you see how stoked Ben was last night? He got naked in front of everyone and did the Gargoyle!
by 5033bradley November 21, 2011
An alcoholic beverage as dangerous as it is beautiful.
8oz of mountain dew.
1 scoop of Gatorade "Frost Glacier Freeze" drink mix.
A generous helping of lemon drop schnapps.
Dude, i just mixed Wendy a gargoyle. She's gonna get more drunk than a fourth grader off Four Loko.
by Odin1362 November 11, 2010
A US military slang term dating back to Desert Storm I (circa 1991) for a kind of wraparound sunglasses issued to personnel in the desert to reduce glare and prevent sun-blindness. May be derived either from a brand name or from the odd appearance they gave the wearer.
"When we returned from Saudi Arabia, the colonel gave a directive that we were to ditch our Gargoyles to maintain security. Our raccoon tansgave us away though."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
Gargoyle (gar-goy-uh-l) (vb.) : In this act of oral sex, the female will commense actions by laying herself down upon a couch. During this time, the male will mount himself on the ledge of a couch, in a position similar to that of a baseball catcher. Following this, the male will begin to insert his cock into the mouth of the famale who is laying down. The male takes upon a three point stance atop the couch similar to a football player or similar to a gargoyle statue. The male must be crouched on the top on the couch and with his free hand, push his erect, pulsating cock into the mouth of the female. If a person were to take a picture, it would look like a gargoyle statue is putting his cock into the mouth of a female. Hence the name, gargoyle.
Ray: "Oh man, you remember that slut I brought home last night?"

Eric: "Yeah. You have sex?"

Ray: "No, but I gargoyled her!"

Eric: "Boss."
by Michelle Wiater January 22, 2012
An old person, 40-75, that works in a school but just stands in the lunchroom yelling at kids all day; has characteristics of a gargoyle, including hunch back, bird like reflex's, and everyone tries to annoy her.
Jack: who's that teacher?
Jill: oh, she's new. She's such a gargoyle.
by Foho February 07, 2011
a gargoyle is a stone carving, normally described as a grotesque human form, which was beleived to scare away evil spirits.
gargoyles are kewl
by crazy one June 29, 2004
A woman who is clingy in nature, who after the relationship has ended and at times during the relationship, become obsessive and borderline stalker.
Man 1: "Hey are you going to the bar tonight?"
Man 2: "No, my gargoyle is there."
Man 1: "Didn't you break up with her?"
Man 2: "Yes, she won't leave me alone hence why I called her a gargoyle"
by Big Papa Yuk May 12, 2011

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