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The act getting into a perched position and masturbating. This position is usually reserved for advanced levels.
I was bored, so I got into a gargoyle and busted a nut.
by neelzo August 02, 2008
6 17
The Gargoyle is when u jump onto a keg and make a gargoyle like pose and growl. Then you take the tap and drink for a good 10 to 30 seconds from it. The gargoyle is used to kept keg lines long and mad. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
At a high school graduation my 23 year old brother jumped onto the keg when at least 10 people over the age of 30 were behind him, the screaming got intense, but he growled like a gargoyle and made that keg his own. This one goes out to J.I. the greatest gargoyle in history.
by Brian Irish July 16, 2006
21 32
The noise that your stomach produces when you have to take a shit/diarhea.
Man! I got some huge gargoyles right now.
by Mancino June 01, 2004
4 15
1. A gargoyle is a drainage spout found on Gothic structures. Though many are grotesque representations of human or mythical forms, the proper context is that of a structural element, not a mythical creature.
Gargoyles were often carved into grotesque cariatures of people the stoneworkers might personally know.
by Belisarius March 02, 2004
10 21
Referring to any individual that is ugly!
Ewww, girl I think you need to leave that gargole alone! Cause he is busted!
by Mika1702 February 07, 2003
7 18
a gargoyle is someone that preseves virgin faith.. hence why they are on alot of churches.... this can be from the creation of a new religion to preserving a womans chastity
and if you are really experienced her virginity as well...
that is why they look hideous and eventually turn to stone
because of what preserving a virgin or virgin faith can do to you...
this church has had so many people do the wrong thing that without the gargoyle people would not know if it was a faith at all
by angus macfarlane March 15, 2007
4 16
also a person with a ugly face or facial feature
a fat person with a fat face
by gomer February 28, 2004
6 18