also a person with a ugly face or facial feature
a fat person with a fat face
by gomer February 28, 2004
a stone statue that in fantasy is said to be a strong demon creature that can glide but not fly and at sunrise must roost and become stone.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
Its reference to a female's booty that you cant see right away. It can be a small & tight butt or (i prefer) a big & ferm booty.
Also a gargoyle is the butt version warlock (see warlock)
guy1: "Wwwoo, did you see her booty?"

guy2: "Damn, naw man!

guy1: "You got to get a glimps at that gargoyle!"
by AntonioDaniels July 12, 2008
When a chick gives a guy a blowjob while he is standing and she is squating in front of him. After he comes, she lets the jizz run out of her mouth like a perched gargoyle with rain water draining from its mouth.
Meredith gave me the hottest gargoyle. She rules.
by Follows Herons August 08, 2006
Usually mistaken as demons (which they shouldn't), Gargoyles are another winged creature. Usually friendly, can learn any magic, can learn any skill, and are much more social. Plus, they can be creatively designed in more unique ways than a demon when it comes to concepting them, so you'll have more fun with a gargoyle than the latter ;)

One breed that's often mistaken for demons is the Mimic Gargoyle. They're red, often have tipped tails and horns, but they have no ears. If you encounter a demon without ears, chances are it's a mimic gargoyle. :)
"Aww, that gargoyle is so cute!" *hugs*
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
1. A woman resembling a fish. 2. To cleanse the throat and mouth.
1. With a snout like that, Juanita looks like a gargoyle. 2. Go gargoyle with Listerine, Greta.
by Harry Flashman November 12, 2003
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