the death metal band from outter space....they some crazy ass motha fucka
Gwar would eat metalica if they got in a fight
by jizzle dizzle October 30, 2005
Metal band from outer space
Bob:Have you heard of that band from outer space?
Jay:GWAR? No cause they suck.
Bob kills Jay and sprays him with various bodily fluids.
by GWARfan January 13, 2008
The most awesome 1337 pwnage band ever made!!!! Everyone that says GWAR is stupid or "just a shock-rock band" is a fucking idiot who doesnt get the point. Who could hate a band with songs like "meat sandwich", "penguin attack", and "fucking an animal"? Oh, and dont forget fishfuck!!FFS people, have a sense of humor!!
OMG GWAR is so 1337!!
by no!! im not tellin you rapists!! October 19, 2006
An irritating STD contracted by girls in which a miniature metal band wearing painful sci-fi horror costumes plays a constant vagina-shredding set. GWARS is treatable, but no permanent cure has been found.
I thought I was being safe, but little did I know GWARS can shred right through condoms.
by mfac84 May 11, 2009
The epitome of an ugly woman. There are various ways to rate a woman. The highest level being Smash, the next being smush and the lowest being gwar. Each of these have sub-categories. If you happen to find the ultimate ugly woman, you can label her as king gwar.
"Hey man check out that sweet ass over there."

"Dude, you have to be joking that is some GWAR!"
by Baby Sinclair December 12, 2011
The sound made when spotting an attractive member of the opposite sex. Can also be used as an adjective to describe an attractive person.
This girl was so gwar
by salmon cheddarsworth December 16, 2010
God What an Awful Racket
I heard that GWAR ate a baby on stage last night.
by GWAR September 17, 2003
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