Inflammation of the butthole. Can be caused by wiping ass more than 3 times in one day and/or excessive walking. More prevalant in males with hairy ass-cracks and/or unhealthy defecation patterns. Recommended treatments: 1. Dab asshole with cold wet toilet paper 2. Hold ice cubes to inflammed area. 3. Apply Vaseline liberally to area to reduce friction. 4. Shave inflammed area to reduce disturbance. Origin: Southern Orange County, California - because the sensation of an inflammed butthole is as appealing physically as the band GWAR is sonically.
Oh man-babe, I wiped 4 times today and went to the swap-meet... I got serious gwar bro.
by corporatebrainwarshing October 28, 2009
A step above a chug, as in a soda or other beverage.
To more than chug down a drink.

name derived from the punk-metal band Gwar
for its over the top awesomeness.
"Dude, i totally just GWARed down my Dew"
by Whoa!lol March 28, 2008
1. A band known for throwing sperm, blood, and piss on their audience.

2. to shart yourself, or shit your pants.

3. to throw up cockroaches
1. "Dude im going to the gwar concert tonight!"

"dont wear a shirt you like"

2. Dam, did you see that fat chick? i gwar to that".

3. Kid 1-"do you even know what Gwar means?"

Kid 2-Ya it means to throw up cockroaches"

Kid 1 and 3 laugh to themselves.
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 March 28, 2009
A word used to express any combination of shock, surprise, horror, bewilderment, anger, confusion, or amazement at stupidity; treated as a combination of a question word (e.g., "what?") and a swear word.

Most often used with one or two question marks at the end.
"Hey, guys, I just took the biggest dump in my pants!"

by The Rubberband Man April 17, 2007
G.W.A.R is the best shock rock, heavy metal, Death Metal band in the world!!!!
dude i went to that G.W.A.R concert on halloween at THE RAVE that show kicked ass i got blood and Jiz sprayed on me!! but the jiz was fake? i think
by anonymus June 20, 2003
1. To express anger or rage at something somewhat disliked.
2. To express shock, especially at something fairly trivial.
1. "FUCKING GWAR!!!" He yelled after his char died on WoW.
2. "Holy gwar, this game sucks."
by Kuzara May 13, 2008
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