(verb)An occurance in any public place where a person just so happens to fart so hard that they crap their pants

background: named while skimming Gwar section of music store when this heinous act happened, hence the name
"Dude i went to Media Play today and I tried to fart but I Gwared all over myself and I had to run to the bathroom to clean my undies!"
by J.T. July 20, 2004
The act of oneself being owned by a math teacher resulting in a failing score at life.

The act of being rolled and humiliated.
Rodrigo got gwared by Mrs. Kyte by completly screwing up his teselation and having to do it over.
by Anderoo May 28, 2008
a red headed person named after the bird with the red mohawk.
hahahah look at that gwar over there looking like chesney off corrie!! thanks. crusty4000 chris morris
by crusty4000 September 27, 2007
GWAR is a shock metal band and the first to support and use comedic metal. GWAR is also reason to be believed a acronym. Example's are as follows; "God What A Racket", "God What an Awful Racket", "Gay Women Aganist Rage", and "Gay Women Against Rape"
The band itself wears monster-esque costumes like Slipknot and are a hit about many fan's of the Metal genre.

GWAR plain and simple, rocks.
The GWAR concert was packed, I couldn't get a seat anywhere!

GWAR is the best Metal band in my opinion.
by Mike "1204" August 23, 2005
'Gwar' is a term that was originated and used in the Welsh Regiment of the Territorial Army to describe ginger people...
cor! look at that gwar minger!
by cookie_monsta87 April 11, 2005
A collection of gays or homosexuals who charge money to ejaculate on you. Also gwar is used as a slang for cheating and stealing from creative people and taking the credit and profits for yourself.
Lets gwar all this artist's style and put our name on it.

I hear the gays on the corner will Gwar on you for a fee.
by Beefy Slymenstra June 17, 2009
A band well known for it's incredible stag shows.

The letters that make up GWAR comes from Gay Women Against Rape. This was taken from the 1986 comic book The Watchmen.
GWAR is a good band.
by The Comedian June 30, 2003

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