A GP is a glass pipe used when smoking crystal meth. It is a straight tube with a bulb at the end with a hole on it.
Quit holding the damn lighter so close to the GP, your burnin up the bowl.
by IcE_SmOkeR December 14, 2009
1) Game Plan

2) Exactly what you are going to get when you go to a buffet like Souplantation. Usually consists of 4 or 5 phases. Phase 1 always includes a salad, however, sometimes it consists of soup and/or bread. A new phase in initiated when one gets up to get something else (except for drink refills). The order is up to the eater.
1) In order to win, we need to follow the GP.

2) Person 1: "Do you have your GP for Souplantation?"

Person 2: "Hell to the yes! Phase 1: chinese chicken salad, cucumbers with ranch, and cheese pizza. Phase 2: Mac with extra cheese on top. Phase 3: Lemon Orzo Soup. Phase 4: Refill of soup. Phase 5: Hot lemon lava cake.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters June 20, 2009
Guaranteed pussy (a girl who u kno gon let u hit any time u want)
she a G.P. so she fuckin mo than 1
by t.j and b.h June 28, 2007
General Prison Population
If you get knocked for a regular crime you get put in gp.
by Lehem Woldezghi December 12, 2003
Granny other words, it's not a thong, and definitely not sexy.
"Yo E, you peep MG sportin' the GP's?"
by Capi Ton December 03, 2003
Granny Panties.
Bro 1: did you see that chicks GP's!?

Bro 2: yeah bro, I'm gettin that tonight!
Bro 1: bro, 90% of chicks that wear GP's have a bush...
Bro 2: FUCK!
by Jojo900 June 13, 2011
Gotta Poop
Steve: Yaooo, wat up mah nigga?
Granath: nm...chillin
Steve: true dat
Steve: How's da softball league? Did Orlando single handedly win the whole thing?
Granath: me and orlandos team are in the world series
Granath: not yet i wont let that happened
Steve: LOL
Granath: gp
Steve: rofl...aite hit me up lata.
by StevieGGGGG August 03, 2010

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