A very dry joke that buzz kills your entire day. A term used to embarrass someone who makes a terrible joke.
Person 1: Terrible Joke
*Silence, Awkwardness*
Person 2: "GP."
by Gurpreet C January 22, 2011
It stands for Group Poo. When a group of people all poo together.
-"Hey want to take a GP afterschool with us?"
-"Sure I love GPs!"
by KianaPoo December 12, 2010
good point
me: amrita, you shouldn't talk when you're eating, you spray food all over.
amrita: yeah, gp

person 1: let's go to cheesecake factory at the mall.
person 2: why would we do that, there is a taco bell there?
person 1: gp, don't know what i was thinking
by geekarika December 04, 2010
What you need to get if you are just out of jail and nobody is buying your vicodin.
Man 1: Do y'all know anybody looking for vicodin?
Man 2: No sorry.
Man 1: Well can you help me out with a GP?
Man 2: Sir I dont know what that is.
by Gootch350 October 03, 2010
gp stands for game plan
what's the gp for tonight?
by SalubriusX April 20, 2010
The name of someone who masturbates to gay porn
That kid's a GP
by faghater96 July 19, 2009
Any or all types of gay porn. An abbriviation. It is used primarily by fag hagsand can be modified to match that fag hags preferences. For example, ADGP can stand for Adam Dunbar Gay Porn.
OMG, I saw the hottest GP last night!

ADGP Girl!!!!
by GMGGP_STALKER March 31, 2009

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