Government motors
by Hajs5 June 03, 2009
sarah is such a GM!
by rawrhahahalol February 27, 2010
Stands for three things.

1. Good morning.

2. General Motors, a car company.

3. Game master, which is used for things like D&D.
1. gm e1!!

2. GM produces shit cars.

3. Our gm sucks.
by slendywantshis20 February 13, 2010
1. A motor company called "general motors"
2. The General Manager of a company.
1. Did you see GM's new van? My mom wants one.
2. The GM doesn't like your work, if you don't get crackin' he's gonna' fire you!
by WaningMoon March 21, 2006
abbreviation of "Generic Mexican". Those girls and guys who wear the stretchy headbands, big t-shirts, capris, big shoes with the tongue sticking out all the same color. They act the same, talk the same, walk the same, they are the same! Can be seen in both genders and multiple ages from 5-50. It is a virus people.
* White people can be GM's as well.
Morty: Wow that girl Kelly is white but she's ghetto...
Northrup: dude she's a GM and a GM lover!
Morty: oh..
Sh!t box on wheels. Inefficient gas-guzzling poser mobiles. You can spot these bastards of the auto industry at the bottom of any rating in a consumer report type magazine or mechanics shop. Owners usually own more than one so while some of them are in the shop they still have one on hand if they need to go places. GM produced some of the largest cars on the road, including the notorious H2. Now that gas is ~$4.00 they are struggling to sell their Hummer brand and were forced to lay off many workers and close 4 plants recently. They are also bidding on a lame attempt to put forth a hybrid model that's supposed to get 40 mpg and is supposed to charge from a wall outlet. Toyota already announced that they will produce a car that will rival this one (not the Prius). Needless to say GM will surely fail miserably and Toyota will reign as the supreme auto maker in the U.S. and the world.
1)GM doesn't care if it goes bankrupt because the government will bail them out.

2)This one guy has an Escalade. It's a car made by GM. It's a sport utility vehicle, though I wouldn't recommend going off-roading with it as it isn't very sporty. If you do you will surely destroy the car.

3)It only takes $100 plus dollars to fill up my GM vehicle.

4)The 1999-2000 year model Escalade was nothing more than a Yukon Denali with a cadillac badge. Both of these primitive machines were made by GM. The only difference is that the Escalade costed more than the Yukon when it came out.

5)Due to poor managment GM had to lay off a ton of its workers. None of the CEOs (that are largely responsible for the rut that Gm's in) were fired though.

6)GM was surpassed by Toyota a couple years ago in the amount of cars manufactured.

7)I wouldn't load up on GM stocks just yet...or ever.
by BobLutzSucks August 19, 2008
Stands for Good Morning.
Guy: GM sexy

Girl: GM. How is it going?
by bcsw September 28, 2009

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