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The action of cutting different types of wood in order to make archers equipment such as bows, arrows and crossbows.
-Hey, what is your Fletching level?
-My Fletching level is 99.
-Cool, can you assist me for this effigy?
-Sorry, I am maxed for today.
by RuneScaper April 20, 2012
After anal sex, the dominant male sucks up all semen and fecal matter from the anus, sloshes it around in his mouth and passes it back to the other person through a mouth-to-mouth kiss.
In the book Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk(Fight Club) this act is described
by Fiberoptic Jesus December 10, 2003
Fletching can mean a man eating his own semen out of the anus of his male or female partner, or it can mean a man eating his own semen out of the vagina of his female partner.
Straight man: Do you ever do fletching with your guy?
Gay man: No, it's too gross for me. Do you ever do it with your girl?
Straight man: Her ass? No. Her twat? All the time!
by chocolate box April 20, 2006
When a guy cums in a girl or guys asshole then licks out the cum and eats it!
Matt fucked Zac up the ass then fletched.
by PTakamoo October 11, 2003
Falling asleep at our desk in just the correct upright position so that no one really knows you're taking a snooze on the clock.
"Oh boy, hope the boss doesn't catch the G-man fletching at his desk again!"
by Gee Monayy August 28, 2009
to tie a piece of bacon to a piece of string and invite your partener to swallow it. then rut them up the arse, holding onto the piece of string, at the moment of climax pull on the sring, causing your partener to gag and giving you an even tighter hole to bring you off. (probably for homo use only)
when it was my turn to dominate i gave roderick a damn good fletching.
by gusto December 30, 2003
When you tie a string around a small rodent (usually a gerbil) and let it crawl around in your rectum. Usually performed by gay men.
Those men were fletching with my gerbil!
by Joo February 09, 2004
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