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The unnecessary verbal or physical accosting of a individual in a situation that could of normally been resolved through proper communication.
Mike gave Joe a smithing for not wearing the proper attire during a training.
by Joe Gayfer January 05, 2013
smithing: a process of word creation giving rise to an agreed upon linguistics of an engendered urban understanding
Urban socialization have given rise to liberal smithing
by Dictionpreneur May 15, 2016
When someone texts u and when u answer they dont reply

Or not answering someone when they say hi
Person 1: (text)hey!
Person 2: hi!
Person 1: (reads but doesnt answer)
Person 3: oh he is smithing you

Person 1: hey!
Person 2: ( reads but doesnt answer)
by Fadjskr January 02, 2014
When your english teacher finger fucks herself and then smells her hand.
Me: Dude, look at Ms. Smith!
Friend: Yeah, shes totally smithing!!! Wait, is she having a riley?
by Lord Revan57 May 05, 2008
Smithing is a violent sexual act used to threaten and gain a desired result.
Can also be used in the context Smith, see below.
You're gunna get a smithing if you dont do as I tell you!
by Toadie The Smither June 13, 2011
To commit to something with the express intent to make excuses to get out of it.
We were going to get beers, but you were apparently just smithing the whole time.
by thereelYeti May 27, 2016
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