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The unnecessary verbal or physical accosting of a individual in a situation that could of normally been resolved through proper communication.
Mike gave Joe a smithing for not wearing the proper attire during a training.
by Joe Gayfer January 05, 2013
11 1
When someone texts u and when u answer they dont reply

Or not answering someone when they say hi
Person 1: (text)hey!
Person 2: hi!
Person 1: (reads but doesnt answer)
Person 3: oh he is smithing you

Person 1: hey!
Person 2: ( reads but doesnt answer)
by Fadjskr January 02, 2014
0 0
When your english teacher finger fucks herself and then smells her hand.
Me: Dude, look at Ms. Smith!
Friend: Yeah, shes totally smithing!!! Wait, is she having a riley?
by Lord Revan57 May 05, 2008
11 13
Smithing is a violent sexual act used to threaten and gain a desired result.
Can also be used in the context Smith, see below.
You're gunna get a smithing if you dont do as I tell you!
by Toadie The Smither June 13, 2011
2 6