Short for Gibraltar. Often used by those who travel to so many places they have to talk about them quickly or they go crazy.
On my way to Gib man!
by Garrett February 03, 2005
Git It Boy; dude that knows wat he wants in life and ain't afraid to go out an snatch it up.
(dude#1)"Yo dude went and got him a slick ride"
(dude#2)"yea, dat dudes uh GIB!"
by DANIELLE mckee August 31, 2006
To "fuck something off" to stop doing it. Used in Liverpool areas.
"Gib it lads"
"Gib it"
"Gib that off"
by tef smith August 25, 2003
Stands for:
(1) Guys in back
(2) Gay in Bed
(3) Gettin' it Behind
(4) Going into butthole
(5) Going it Boy-style
(6) Good in back
(7) Gives incredible blowjobs
(8) Girl's instant buddy
Das GIB is and queer little fucker.
by siebinator March 23, 2004
Git It Boyz--Chingy's new clique
"GIB, Git it boyz..stop hatin derrty and maybe you can get something in your life playa"- Chingy- Give em' Some Mo
by fLip_niKkA January 10, 2005
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