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Gibbing, deriving from the word "giblets" meaning the offal of a dead animal, is a video gaming slang term featuring prominently in many 3D shooter games.

The word refers instances when a game character has been killed with such force that their body explodes leaving their "giblets" visible all over the floor.
While playing Doom 3, I'm going to give all the newbies a really good gibbing!
by MarvinDBox February 01, 2010
tie a length of string to a small peice of bacon,swallow the bacon,commence with the buggery/doggy style,then on climax,pull the string-thus inducing vomitting-an aquired taste kink.
me and jenny love to do a spot of gibbing,bacon's best.
by donny prendaghast August 11, 2003
not inclined to exert oneself, disposed to idleness.
Just stop Gibbing;
by NowTHEN January 05, 2009
To smack someone on the back of the head, as often shown in NCIS, being done by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
After making a mistake, Gibbs punished McGee by gibbing him on the back of the head.
by treerose March 06, 2011
Hitting on the opposite sex. macking
So, I was gibbing on this hottie when my girlfriend walked in. Ah snap.
by etrxndy September 10, 2004
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