215 pound eating machine that lives in Ingham, spends all of his time on computer or in the dining hall.
He was a Gib, all he did was sit at the compuiter and eat.
by Ingham February 17, 2003
The act of performing a strategic blunder in any form of game, More than likely a RTS
"There's a line of your dead troops leading from outside my base to your base, Did you forget to have enough food to feed them? Looks like you pulled a Gibs!"
by PyRo169 May 28, 2005
Possesses biggest and best titties around
gib has a great rack
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
as short for "Got Embarassed" even though the term is not spelled correclty...thats just how it is.
somtimes put into phrases.

"awe man...whats that smell? smells like someone opened up a can of GIB!"

often used in hand gestures.
*girl carrying on a convo with her friend, and her friend alone.

Guy: Man shut up!
*girl ignores and minds on business*
Guy: i said shut up hoe!
Girl: i wasnt even talking to yo bitch ass big ole head. so go
on wich yo stanky ass girlfriend and fXk as is!

Random Person: GIB!! *as to say to the boy*
by Lauren .mmmmk <3 May 08, 2006
afk from life
this guy is always, afk
by unkown November 27, 2003

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