To Gib is to wreck the chances of success after working hard to accomplish a certain goal.
Person 1: Yeah, he worked on it for about five hours then accidently hit the reset button... He lost everything.
Person 2: Damn, thats a serious gib right there.
by Hindsight Vector March 12, 2007
a abbreviation for Gutsy and/or Ballsy

Gibsy can also be used, when describing a person(s) and/or creature(s)

Can also use the term has gibs, or have gib
1. Did you here Larry going to ask Liz out? Man, that's gibsy.

2. I'm going Skydiving tomorrow! I didn't know you were that gibsy.

3. Do you have gibs, or don't you
by Gibinator August 26, 2009
Given that the word "chav" has been ruled politically incorrect by the government for fear that these knife wielding hoodlums may become offended, thus the creation of the word "gib" was born. Originating in Cheltenham, the same town that created the word chav (Cheltenham Average), gib is the new way of bypassing political correctness (until it's band) and is an acronym for "Genetically Inferior Beings"...the gibs will never know.
Old chav usage: "That chav in his reebok classics and hair gelled back with a tubs worth of brylcream looks like an utter pillock"

New gib usage: "That gib in his reebok classics and hair gelled back with a tubs worth of brylcream has the IQ of a used walnut"
by Bejjio September 23, 2008
Telling someone to stop something while you have a mouthfull of food or coffee.
Gib Ober ya cretinous foo'
by Nina August 05, 2004
To claim homosexual possession of any animate or inanimate object.

"Ghey Dibs"
Eric: "Hey Ivan I call dibs on that squirrel (woman) over there at the bar"
Kyle(Ghey): "Well fuck that I call GIBS on that homo over there next to that squirrel!"
by Kyle Anthony H. December 18, 2008
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