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1(n) of 3D computer games, a fragment esp. a gobbet of flesh resulting from total obliteration of a target usually by means of an explosion; giblet.
2(v trans.) to cause massive damage to a target, to the point of obliteration.

abbreviation from giblet.
"Spootonium gibbed amigdala"
by Spootonium October 10, 2004
Google It Bitch!

I work at the help desk and morons call everyday with stupid questions. This is our new fix action: G.I.B.
Some jackass calls the help desk with a stupid tell them you don't know the answer but they could G.I.B.
by D to the A to the V to the E March 15, 2005
organic debris
ground beef = Gibs
by Honkus January 21, 2003
gibs is short for giblets
holy crap chris got his gibs ripped off!
by kellie and ericka May 21, 2005
v: to transform a person into gibblets (chunks of human body) by means of sudden, violent force esp. with a weapon. Often used in FPSs to express killing someone with one shot.
"I totally gibbed that noob from behind"
by ----- ------ December 18, 2005
to completely obliterate and utterly destroy somebody or something into a million pieces. fragments and chunks go flying everywhere. these such actions happen in the xbox 360 game GEARS OF WAR.
Player 1: Dude did you just see me destroy that bitch?
Player 2: Yea he got Bodied. great Gib

Noob on other team: im Butt hurt!
by buddyhaulin September 10, 2010
google it bitch
Ted: hey whats the name of that hot actress?
Jim: idk GIB.
Ted: great idea!
by prettylittlething January 27, 2011
To get in bed (G.I.B.). Gib can be used in a variety of ways. One might gib somebody by thoroughly owning them. One might feel "gibby" late at night or after a large meal of fatty meats. Sometimes, people just need to gib. In such instances, it is your responsibility to inform them of this. The penalty for failing to gib is to be grounded.

The opposite of gibbing is goobing (Get Out of Bed). Life is nothing more than a cycle of gibbing and goobing.
You need to get off the computer and gib, or you're going to be grounded.

I feel so gibby after eating all that fried chicken.
by C-gibs July 13, 2009

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