1. "Good game". Used at the end of rounds/games of multiplayer games such as Halo, Counter Strike etc. It can also be used to mock an opposing team for not doing well.

2. "Gun Game". A mode of play in Counter-Strike: Source. At the beginning of the game each player starts with a glock. When they get a glock frag (kill) they get the USP either immediately or when the next round starts. The order of guns is approximately as follows:
Desert Eagle
Dual Elites

The order of weapons through which the player goes differs between servers. Sometimes it will also require two frags on the current level to advance, the rules differ from server to server. Sometimes the auto-snipers (G3 and SG-550) and the AWP are included, sometimes they aren't.

Once someone is knifed by someone who is actually on the knife level, the server changes map if it hasn't already done so for any other reason (RockTheVote, an admin changing it etc). If a player knifes someone while not on the knife level, the victim may lose a level and the killer gain one (not always however). Usually knifing someone won't get a player past the grenade level.

GunGame maps conventionally start with gg. E.g. gg_aim_shotty or gg_aim_close or gg_autumn.
1. <CT> GG guys
<T>WTF? you guys pwned us
<T> asshole

2. A GunGame server will usually have GG in its name to denote that it runs the GunGame mod.
by CueSeven November 22, 2007
"Good game," means the game is about to end and is most often used in real-time strategy games by people who can be a good sport about losing.
In Warcraft 3, My first opponent said "gg" before leaving. My second opponent said "fuck you bag of shit" before leaving.
by jalarmy August 07, 2007
Good Game. An expression often used by gamers at the end of something (usually a round).
lol those n00b NPCs walked into the fire... It's liek gg @ life
by arkonite June 13, 2007
Good Game. Commonly said at the end of a game or match, meaning that it was enjoyable.
At the end of a cricket match.
Player on team A: GG
by Azn Mafia November 28, 2006
Derived from the abreviation of good game. Used in context of something suprising
Wow that was GG.

Mr. R- How do you divide again?
Me: Dude GG
by ratler123 October 23, 2006
1. A term used after the closure of a match/game.
2. Can and may be used to express: disappointment, excitement, astonishment, bad sportsmanship.
3. A term used by online gamers, usually CS players after getting killed in a round.
1. (Counter-Terrorists Win!)
CT krucial - gg
T crisis - gg

2a. (After one fails to find a 5v5 scrim on #findscrim)
clan members - "gg freakn noob."

2b. (After a hot chick asks one to sleep with her)
boy - "GG! she just asked me to sleep with her!"

2c. (After getting randomly headshotted thru doors in dust2)
*CT* Krucial - "gg that guy hacks!"

2d. (After losing 16-0 in a match)
winners - "gg #quitlife."
losers - *cry*

3. (scrub420 headshots cplguy333 with p90)
cplguy333 - "gg"
by edews February 18, 2006
An expression of being annoyed or seeing something that is stupid or otherwise bothersome.Usually used at the end of a statement.Used most commonly during internet gaming or chat. Comes from the phrase Good Game.
OMG, Your clan is full of noobs...GG

Wow ur a fucking retard, GG
by Nash January 27, 2005

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