an abriviation of the words Good Game, most used in lobbys of online games on PC, PS2 and X-box, the opisite of gg is bg meaning bad game, but almost no one ever uses that
game in SOCOM finishes and hte score ended 5 to 6 in the chat room you would type gg
by Brian November 23, 2003
abbreviation for "good game". depending on the context in which it is used it is either a compliment or a salty, halfassed insult. also can be said as "gfg" (good fucking game) when extremes of the matter are in question.
(polite)gg my friend, that was an exciting, exilirating game!!
(insulting)gg ogl scurb gtfo stfu an get soem skillz joo nubcake
by ksharp July 05, 2003
Good Game - You are getting OWNED.
also usable with -able
21:06 <Guruchild> jago
21:06 <Guruchild> you are ggable
21:06 <Guruchild> at any time
21:06 <Guruchild> remember that
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
Acronym for "genetic girl", as opposed to a t-girl, one who was born male.
She looks like a transvestite, but she's actually a GG.
by walt February 19, 2003
"Good going." Generally said to someone in a sarcastic manner to imply they made a stupid mistake.
You locked the damn keys in the car. gg.
by tt February 15, 2003
GG = good game, also used in the context of "get lost, you suck, hahaha omg you suck, your finished, etc. etc." and all other such ways of completely degrading someone who has just lost, either in a game, or in life in general

See "Good Game"
WOLF (2:31:09 AM): she's a funny girl
Slim (2:31:36 AM): funny = WIN
WOLF (2:32:30 AM): u know she's pudgy
Slim (2:32:37 AM): how pudgy is pudgy?
Slim (2:32:51 AM): i mean my ex was a lil pudgy but it was all good... if pudgy just means flat out fat then GG
by GxSlim July 24, 2002
Means "Gabby is Great". A term of endearment for anyone named Gabby.
Hey Gabby. GG, you are awesome.
by Zekrrom May 20, 2015
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