vile, gross, nasty,violent,crazy the ultimate form of disgust.
1) Eeew, you sick gg basterd!!!
2)GG christ whats wrong with you.
3)You got gg written all over you.

*refers to G.G. Allen,a very infamous punk rock singer
by lexicon_devil_gi July 10, 2008
"Great Going" or "Good Game" or a placeholder for just any joyous feeling.
After someone cracks a good gag.
After you solve a tough problem.
To appreciate someone.
To express praise. eg. This is a "gg" song.
by Abhishek Sheopory January 02, 2008
"Good game," means the game is about to end and is most often used in real-time strategy games by people who can be a good sport about losing.
In Warcraft 3, My first opponent said "gg" before leaving. My second opponent said "fuck you bag of shit" before leaving.
by jalarmy August 07, 2007
Good Game. An expression often used by gamers at the end of something (usually a round).
lol those n00b NPCs walked into the fire... It's liek gg @ life
by arkonite June 13, 2007
Good Game. Commonly said at the end of a game or match, meaning that it was enjoyable.
At the end of a cricket match.
Player on team A: GG
by Azn Mafia November 28, 2006
gg means "good game." Its often used at the end of rounds in games like Day of Defeat, Counter Strike, Empire Earth, and other multiplayer online games.

Even people from countries that dont speak english use gg at the end of games. For those of you guys who use it and dont speak english....

gg = "bien joue" (jouer?) en francais

gg = "Gut Spiel" (gutes?) ein Deutsch

gg = "juego bueno" en español

....and thats about all the other languages i know
*round ends, going to next map on CSS*
Person 1: gg
Person 2: gg
by Ben Kenobi the second June 27, 2006
1. an abbreviation meaning, "good game". usually used first by the losing team to recognize a loss, followed by a "gg" by the winning team.

2. some believe the origin of gg goes before "good game". in cs, g is the key for dropping your weapon. some leet players drop both their weapons, primary and secondary, thus creating the key "gg".
losing team: gg guys.
winning team: gg.
by pwnagemasterfl3x January 24, 2005

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