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Also known as grocery getter. A big vehicle (van) that is used for grocery shopping.
"Oh man, we have to take the GG to Wal-Mart because i have to do some grocery shopping."
by Frank the cookie duster November 21, 2009
A word that used to mean "good game" or way to say I frickin owned your ass.

But now is used more as a compliment. Such as "gg" as in that was good or "OMG THAT WAS SO GG" as it was good.

Because it actually doesn't make sense to say "that was so good game" because that doesn't make sense.

The compliment has no become similar to OG as in a compliment as "that's so OG" is now used as "that's so GG"

OG means original gangster.
*After seeing an awesome breakdance video*


*Does awesome move*

by creekutsu February 05, 2009
short for good game. used especially when you "own" or win someone in something, especially an argument or any type of game.
"GG Lesley! I won the argument!", said Melzie.
by MELZIE:D January 10, 2009
Good Game. Commonly said at the end of a game or match, meaning that it was enjoyable.
At the end of a cricket match.
Player on team A: GG
by Azn Mafia November 28, 2006
gg means "good game." Its often used at the end of rounds in games like Day of Defeat, Counter Strike, Empire Earth, and other multiplayer online games.

Even people from countries that dont speak english use gg at the end of games. For those of you guys who use it and dont speak english....

gg = "bien joue" (jouer?) en francais

gg = "Gut Spiel" (gutes?) ein Deutsch

gg = "juego bueno" en español

....and thats about all the other languages i know
*round ends, going to next map on CSS*
Person 1: gg
Person 2: gg
by Ben Kenobi the second June 27, 2006
Good Game. To give up.
SlayerS_`BoxeR`: gg
Me: gg
SlayerS_`BoxeR` has left the game.
by mahc July 16, 2005
An expression of being annoyed or seeing something that is stupid or otherwise bothersome.Usually used at the end of a statement.Used most commonly during internet gaming or chat. Comes from the phrase Good Game.
OMG, Your clan is full of noobs...GG

Wow ur a fucking retard, GG
by Nash January 27, 2005