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good game; a term used to congratulate a team member or opposition member after a online game. used in conjunction with 133t speak.
h3Y +h@+ w45 4 gg
by sandy January 21, 2004
4 18
Good Game - You are getting OWNED.
also usable with -able
21:06 <Guruchild> jago
21:06 <Guruchild> you are ggable
21:06 <Guruchild> at any time
21:06 <Guruchild> remember that
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
5 19
"Good going." Generally said to someone in a sarcastic manner to imply they made a stupid mistake.
You locked the damn keys in the car. gg.
by tt February 15, 2003
6 20
1- Gaming Genesis
2- Good Game
He is such a GG!
Player1: GG
Player2: STFU that was not a good game, we lost horribly!
by GG-Underground February 09, 2010
2 17
A phrase used mostly in online games that means "Gay Game". It also means "Good Game". "Gay Game" is usually used when your team losses the game to counter-attack with "Good Game".
<Fusakin> GG
<Emnesty> Yeah you mean "gay game" right?
by Fusakin October 08, 2009
13 28
1) Abbreviation for the television show Gilmore Girls, in which a mother and daughter do quirky things in their small town. Sounds stupid, but is very good.

2) Abbreviation for the television show Gossip Girl, in which a bunch of rich kids have sex and buy things. Sounds stupid, is stupid.
Person 1: I was watching GG last night-
Person 2: Oh, I saw Gossip Girl too!
Person 1: Hell no. I was watching Gilmore Girls.
Person 2: Oh...
Person 1: Get outta here.
by Lola Uberscoobie March 25, 2009
24 39
1. Good Game- Used at the end of an online game to show sportsmanship

2. Good Girl- a type of spanking used for sexual arousal rather than discipline. Used in the spanking scene
1. person 1: you beat me at scrabble gg!
Person 2: ty gg2u2

2. person 1: I'm going to give you a gg spanking for being so fun :-)
by qurikymichellie July 10, 2008
10 25