A phrase used mostly in online games that means "Gay Game". It also means "Good Game". "Gay Game" is usually used when your team losses the game to counter-attack with "Good Game".
<Fusakin> GG
<Emnesty> Yeah you mean "gay game" right?
by Fusakin October 08, 2009
Abbreviation. Short for Golden Girls. Commonly used by Golden Girls fans.
I am going to watch GG tonight.
by KingFan43 July 26, 2009
1) Abbreviation for the television show Gilmore Girls, in which a mother and daughter do quirky things in their small town. Sounds stupid, but is very good.

2) Abbreviation for the television show Gossip Girl, in which a bunch of rich kids have sex and buy things. Sounds stupid, is stupid.
Person 1: I was watching GG last night-
Person 2: Oh, I saw Gossip Girl too!
Person 1: Hell no. I was watching Gilmore Girls.
Person 2: Oh...
Person 1: Get outta here.
by Lola Uberscoobie March 25, 2009
vile, gross, nasty,violent,crazy the ultimate form of disgust.
1) Eeew, you sick gg basterd!!!
2)GG christ whats wrong with you.
3)You got gg written all over you.

*refers to G.G. Allen,a very infamous punk rock singer
by lexicon_devil_gi July 10, 2008
Abbreviation for "good gas."
Jamie: *farts*
Kathryn: gg
by mckngbrd March 13, 2008
a term used to describe double stacked 2 mg Xanax bars, commonly known for having the letters "GG" printed on them.
yo, you got them GGs?
by CameronB September 06, 2007
Generally used to express a form of joy. "gg" comes originally from the warcraft 3 scene and means "good game" and was often ironically used. Some german guys adopted a more general meaning to "gg" or "sehr gg" (which means "very gg")
gg, we just smashed that team hard.
I got a new car, sehr gg.
by Andreas Peter August 10, 2005

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