to vigorusly vibrate ones glutieus maximus at a violent and uncontrolled rate
gettin jiggy wit it na na na na na na na, na na na na na na (Will Smith song)
Top Definition
to dance, bust a move, get your "groove" on, shake the hoof OR
putting the move on a member of the opposite sex with the intention of "bumpin' uglies" with them OR to be in style.
He was out there on the dance floor at the reception gettin' jiggy wit' it; after the reception, both Pam & Mike went back to the hotel room and got jiggy wit' it under the bed sheets.
by weave April 16, 2003
a song written by william smith about dancing
on ur mark ready set lets go/
dance floor pro, i know u know/
i go psycho, when my new joint hits/
juss cant sit/
gotta get jiggy wit it/
by Yousuf May 28, 2003
1. A phrase that oreo blacks, such as Will Smith, say to convince others that they are a real African American or "jig"

2. A slang term used to refer to dicklit oral sex
1. As his black friends walked in the room, Al Roker quickly changed the channel from "Friends" to "Soul Train" and said "Yo Boyz, it's time to get jiggy wit' it!"

2. After eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Matt Margolis was ready to "get jiggy wit' it" with his trannie buddy.
by fifteen minutes September 10, 2004
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