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4 definitions by Yousuf

a song written by william smith about dancing
on ur mark ready set lets go/
dance floor pro, i know u know/
i go psycho, when my new joint hits/
juss cant sit/
gotta get jiggy wit it/
by Yousuf May 28, 2003
23 17
a person from the mid-west... who dresses like a lumberjack and "plays" with chickens
by Yousuf May 28, 2003
15 20
A company. Triple 5 Soul, 555 Soul
I have a sweatshirt by T5S, that says 555 all over it... fool...
by Yousuf May 28, 2003
5 15
A beast of mythological proportion. This so-called dragon would mostly plunder in Europe, specifically in England. It would rape women until they cried. He also embarrassed people so much, that they turned "red" from his "cuming" (coming)
"Sir Lancelot! Can thou slay the Beast, who's foul words make no things at peace?"

"Nay, good King. For he made fun of my wig."
by Yousuf May 28, 2003
19 51