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use by people who are gay
50cent sings g unit in all his songs, therefore he is gay
by andy May 20, 2003
terrible rappers who get dick loads of money -

2 midgets embark on a journey to Guatemala.

by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo February 28, 2006
Synonym for fake, pretend.
Look at that rapper!
It's G-Unit!
by Game_BWS July 04, 2005
Rap group created by 50 Cent, current members are 50 himself, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. They ran the rap game from 2002-2006. Group and label seems to be picking up steam and moving back into a powerful position in late 2011 and will take the rap game back over.
G-Unit is the shit, fuck game bi-polar homo
by cdawg91 October 26, 2011
Stands for Gay Unit. 50 Cent and his faggot crew started that shit
Gay Unit? I show U Gay unit, nigga!
by Mike June 15, 2004
For Christ's sake it's Guerilla Unit (like the fighter/soldier) NOT Gorilla Unit (like the animal).
G-Unit is da illest shit!
by David December 06, 2003
Standing for gay unit. Also meaning, a homosexuals penis.

part 1 - G (gay)
part 2 - Unit (slang for penis)
Man, Elton John and 50 Cent apparently both have g-units!
by smartass January 11, 2004