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G unit started when 50 Cent joined with Half a Buck (Young Buck) to create ONE dollar which they then used to purchase some extra cheap latex condoms for their sinister anal rituals. After they cleaned up and ran out of condoms they realized they would need more money to buy condoms so they could keep enjoying each other's anuses.

That's when they ran into Sperm Banks (Lloyd Banks) who suggested they form a rap/homo group with him. They named it G-Unit which stands for Gay Unit or GangBang Unit whichever u prefer. Then Tony Gayo or Tuna Mayo as he likes to be called during gay sex came along and asked if he could join the group. 50 Pence said yes, but he would need to prove he was trustworthy. Later that nite Gayo's asshole had been torn open to a diameter of 34cm after multiple penetrations from Gay Unit. He was now "in".

So Gay Unit looked around for more people to include in their male porno set, they then found Oliver, some kind of Chinese prostitute who recently had a sex change. She changed her name to Olivia and said she was a woman. However, Gay Unit got a big surprise later that night.

And this is how Gay Unit was born.
0.50c - "Ay YO, Sperm Banks ma G Unit brudda come here n giv me a wanksta"

Sperm Banks - "Wat be dat homie?"

0.50c - "It's where u wank me off gangsta style holdin ma cock side ways"

Sperm Banks - "Jeaaaah"
by McKENT October 02, 2007
head of the group is 50 cent born and raised in Swathmore, Pa and attended the Friends Select private school in Philadelphia, later on in his life he got a record deal with Ja-Rule, but was later shot because he dissed ja and Ja paid a dude to shoot him, 50 then after being shot informed the police on who it was and got him locked up. Later 50 was then pulled by Eminem to be his new comodity and puppet, the made a new image for him A "Gangsta", they then decided to say he was from Jamaica Queens so he can compeat with Ja Rule about bein from the same hood, but was kinda silly to people in queens who never herd of him because he was never from there, after Eminem told everybody to buy his Cd, all the kids did it, now he is one of the best sellers in america, and now he also thinks he the best rapper, which is a little funny cause he cant even deliver one punchline, then he got 3 other rappers to join him and dick-ride him for the money.

and that is how G-unit was formed.
50 cent thinks hes the best cause he can sell records.
by Kick-backer May 08, 2005
gay unit
50 cents fuck toys
by *!?!* February 20, 2004
A group of faggots led by a pussy named 50 Cent. They act all tough like they are thugs, but they are all pussy.
Here are the members-
50 Cent- Buck-Toothed fake gangster
Lloyd Banks- WANGSTA
Young Buck- Hick from Tennessee
Tony Yayo- Only real g who is a bad rapper
Olivia- Bitch whose tits arent real
Ma$e- newest member- faggot priest who uses kids in his songs
Mobb Deep- good until they signed with g-unit
Johnny- Im a gangsta cuz i like 50 Cent and G-unit
Me- u can take ur g-unit and shove it up ur ass wangsta.
by ZZFRESH December 31, 2005
G unit is basicly 50 cent's nickname for his gang..."Gorilla Unit" aka
"G Unit".
G-unit...? What?! how the heck am i suppost to know what to write here?!!!
by Haruko July 13, 2005
iight i gotta settle this whole g-unit thang ya heard!

1)Its Guerilla Unit! Which means a group of people or a gang (g-unit) goes out and uses their power to bully and or harass people from another unit (Murder Inc.)

2) The g-unit we all know is made up of 50 cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo which is in jail, and Young Buc.
GUERILLA unit cuz they say we bugged out............
by Skillz December 30, 2003
G-unit stands for...

G - gash!

U - useless
N - nasty
I - insolent
T - twats

The rap-band consists of:
1.50 cent (thats all hes worth)
2.tuna mayo (goes by the name tony yayo)
3.young buck (never guna grow up)
4.lloyds tsb banks (looks like a horse)

thats about it
they cannot sing
the end!!
5 year old school kid with 10 bomberjackets on to make his 'guns' look big. o yer, gotta be black

dont forget hes got boo-boo-be-gone painted all over his shoes to make them o-so pearlescently white

gay!g unit scum
by dave1234567 September 19, 2006