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a group of no talent assblasters that are only liked because the people that like them are fucking retards.
G Unit is gay. he should have not lived after being shot.
by hill hestmeyer November 03, 2005
terrible rappers who get dick loads of money -

2 midgets embark on a journey to Guatemala.

by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo February 28, 2006
use by people who are gay
50cent sings g unit in all his songs, therefore he is gay
by andy May 20, 2003
Synonym for fake, pretend.
Look at that rapper!
It's G-Unit!
by Game_BWS July 04, 2005
Stands for Gay Unit. 50 Cent and his faggot crew started that shit
Gay Unit? I show U Gay unit, nigga!
by Mike June 15, 2004
(v.) To push with full force. Most commonly used to say sprint (whether person, racehorse or car). The likely origin of this could be a starter pistol, although the fact that a bullet leaves a gun at full speed and never slacks seems more probable.
I've got to gun it to catch the next train to Scotland!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
Standing for gay unit. Also meaning, a homosexuals penis.

part 1 - G (gay)
part 2 - Unit (slang for penis)
Man, Elton John and 50 Cent apparently both have g-units!
by smartass January 11, 2004