Stands for Gay Unit. 50 Cent and his faggot crew started that shit
Gay Unit? I show U Gay unit, nigga!
by Mike June 15, 2004
fuck 211jbhoodz and everyone who agrres with that piece of shit.
you stupid ass little pussy
by bonemaster May 08, 2005
G-Unit is the name of a rap group the 50 cent was a member of. The name comes from a section in prison, G-Unit. So it started in prison with something like.... you should hear that nigga in G-unit, he can really rap. which eventually became just G-unit
yo, that motha fuck from g-unit is one bad ass rapper
by Phred-em May 02, 2005
A rap group nameed after their apperance gorillas.
wow those g unit guys do look like gorillas
by chris March 25, 2005
T:the hood
Damn these g-units be hatin on me! SHIIT!
by Will Patrovic March 24, 2005
A horrible rap group
Fake rhymes about nothing
by Dmodex March 09, 2005
gay unit, a mixture of concrete slab face 53 cents and a dime, and some other fags
ggggggggg GAY UNIT nit nitN n n NIT
by gfag February 07, 2005

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