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The retarded section of a hospital.
He is retarded, send him to the G-unit!
by dehidral767 June 21, 2005
73 64
when there is a yellow light on a traffic light, and you know its going to turn read and you are approaching it, you speed up so you are not stuck at the red light.
"Shit, that yellow is going to turn red any fucking second now"

"Just gun it, bitch"
by Zack July 12, 2004
26 17
The third forward line for the 2003-04 Spokane Americans hockey team coached by Gus Porco. The name is derived from the a group of rap artists who began performing under the same name in 2000. Despite being the third line, the G Unit generated more goals than any other line on the team. The line was not pretty, so no one new how it happened, but all they did was score goals. Therefore, the nickname G Unit stuck as both a hip hop reference and an abbreviation for "Goal Unit". The line featured Michael Sims at center, Sean Kells on the right wing, and Joe Meyer on the left wing.
The G Unit keeps ringing up the goals.
by G unit 20983 May 04, 2013
8 0
1)Gang Unit
2)"Gay" Unit (50Cent)
1)F*** the Gunits scoping on us!
2)Horrible Commercial Rap!
by Chunsa May 31, 2005
122 114
all the bad music of todays world all wraped in to one tight lil gangsta named 50 cent(in England the term "50 cent means gay)
yo yo what is up my super fly G Unit dog, shall we roll down to the candy shop?
by Kebo² March 22, 2006
44 38
what some people may define as being cool, i define as just meaning, 'gay unit'
what a shitty name
by t0m3x May 23, 2004
63 57
Rap for the suburbs.
Yo, lets listen to G unit in are moms Honda.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
25 21