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OK, for all of those people out there who think that game is a member of G-UNIT, that is not true. The Game is not, and I repeat, IS NOT part of G-UNIT, (the members of G-Unit are 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Olivia) he is signed to Shady AfterMath not to G-UNIT, Dr.Dre and eminem put 50 cent and The Game together so that The Game could devoloup as an artist. And because of this, everyone assumed that The Game was signed to G-Unit, but let me repeat it one more time incase everyone out there isnt clear about this and for that moron "Da King" who put a definition of g-unit above me who said that The Game is a member of G-UNIT, THE GAME WAS NEVER IN G-UNIT, HE IS SIGNED TO SHADY AFTERMATH, NOT TO G-UNIT.
The guy who said the game was in g-unit is a fucking idiot and needs to get his or her facts straight before posting definitions.
by pimp daddy dollars March 19, 2005
A horrible rap group
Fake rhymes about nothing
by Dmodex March 09, 2005
Morons seem to think that those of us saying g-unit stands for "gay-unit" or similar are being serious. Wake up. You must be FUCKING retarded. Anyone who seriously believes that people actually think its 'gay unit' needs a cat scan. We are just giving him shit as he deserves. 50 cent is the most overplayed, overpublicised, overcommercialised, overhyped and underskilled rapper in todays industry. I compare 50's skillz with those of the big brovaz (if any of you actually remember their song "nu flow", the absolute whackest song of the century)- those cunts, those fucking disgraces to hip hop. Also, those of you who think eminem is "the" white rapper -- SURPRISE!! i can think of 20 white rappers off the top of my head, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, King Syze, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Ill Bill, Necro, Sabac Red, Goretex, Crypt The Warchild - to name a few, all white rappers (some of foreign backgrounds allowing them to classify into the 'black' scene). Todays real rappers are the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and the Army Of The Pharoahs clique, and anyone falling under them. 50 cent is HIP-POP. He is liked by 12 year old girls and little spoiled white kids who think lifes all too hard. Those really from the street will know and understand, and those who dont are fucking stupid for not figuring it out yet. Oh and Young Buck? Tony Yayo? both EAT DICK. Lloyd Banks is the only semi skilled member of g-unit. I hope a real gangster like GZA or Ghostface fuck them all up.
example? g-unit like the company of little boys. enough said. One day Celph Titled will get sick of his shit, and blast his head to the hamptons
by RATFUCK January 16, 2007
A terrible clothing line started by 50 cent to promote his rap crew "gorilla unit". You can find it at Ross Dress For Less and Marshalls on the oversized rack. The style follows in the tradition of FUBU, Sean John, Mecca, Kani, Phat Farm and RocaWear. Not to be mistaken for WuWear, which is actually hot apparel.
That lame rapper 50 cent sold out his crew to put "g unit!" on muumuu sized t-shirts that can be seen worn by that murderer Joren Vandersloot.
by Jokum Istanbul October 02, 2005

50 cent's posse.

50 Cent
Yayo (Jailed)
Lloyd Banks
Young Buc
check g-unitsoldier.com

How'd You Come up with the G-Unit Concept?:
G-unit stands for Guerilla Unit. I didn't use Guerilla because that group had that Video Out. Remember that cartoon? So I used G-Unit Instead. It was 6 of us at one point. Myself, Yayo, Sha Money & 2 other guys. Lloyd was too young at the time.
by boom-boom-b May 23, 2004
THE WORST EVER FUCKING RAP BAND EVER! They are in it for the money not the music. All wannabee's. Much better Bands:
- Run Dmc
- Nwa
- Bone thugs n Harmony
- Wu tang Clan
- Public Enemy
.Its a shame people are only in the rap game for the money and the fame. G unit are a perfect exmpele of this.
by LilEdzThaPimp July 30, 2006
Term referring to the hip-hop team consisting of 50 Cent (NY), Loyd Banks (NY), Young Buck (TN), Tony Yayo (NY), The Game (CA) and Olivia.

Albums include:

Guess Who's Back
Power of a dollar
Get Rich or Die Tryin
Beg for Mercy
The hunger for more
Straight outta cashville
The documentary
The st. Valentines day Massacre

Originally started in Southside Jamaica Queens Ney York, with the 1st 3 members and a gangster known as Bang Em up Smurf. This group was just together to protect 50.

50 and Smurf made a company called Hollow point Entertainment. This is the company that put out Guess Who's Back. However, a financial disagreement caused Smurf to leave.

Tony Yayo was found guilty of carrying an unlicensed pistol, and was incarcerated. Thus, 50 recruited Young Buck to fill in the gap.

From 50's marketing perspective, anyone who wears G-unit branded clothes is a part of the G-unit. G-unit items include shirts, jeanins, shoes, boxers, hats, jackets.

There is even a 50 Cent video game called Bulletproof.

The gang call for this group is GGG-Unit!!

50 Cent is known for his rivalry with Murder Inc cheif Ja Rule. Ja Rule runs half of New York, yet 50 still manages to make him look ridiculous worldwide.
A definition for the people by IK-47
by IK-47 May 03, 2005