G Unit is an rap group that consists of 50 cent, tony yayo, young buck,lloyd banks, the game and olivia who is the girl memember of G Unit. GGGGGGGGGGG Unit
50 cent what up gangsta:

G-Unit (What)
We in here (What)
We can get the drama popping
We don't care (What, what, what)
It's going down (What)
'Cause I'm around (What)
50 Cent, you know how I gets down (Down)
by got game? February 22, 2005
g-unit aka g u n i tizze g-unit b type gangsta and lloyd banks iz b the most gangstaist of them all
yo i dont wana here ne of you alpo bitch ass niggas talkin bout my nigga lloyd banks kuz hes off the shiznite
by will August 11, 2004
Sorry to tell you this (Actually im not) but 50 cent's rap does in fact suck. Rapping about how he had sex with some random chicks, how is this meaningful music and why would someone care about it? A lot of kids listen to his crap (im talking about 13 year olds) and idolize the dude, why?

Because he is supposedly "Gangster" I ask you, what happend to any trace of good in the world, that kids idolize 50 cents gang? Do yourself a favor and listen to some real music.
Beethoven totally curb stomps 50 cents music all over the place.
by Not Zane July 23, 2004
fuck 211jbhoodz and everyone who agrres with that piece of shit.
you stupid ass little pussy
by bonemaster May 08, 2005
G-Unit is the name of a rap group the 50 cent was a member of. The name comes from a section in prison, G-Unit. So it started in prison with something like.... you should hear that nigga in G-unit, he can really rap. which eventually became just G-unit
yo, that motha fuck from g-unit is one bad ass rapper
by Phred-em May 02, 2005
G Unit-Gorilla Unit, 50 Cent, Loyld Banks, Young Buc, and Tony Yayo(Free Yayo!)
Tha G Unit is tha shit, nigga!
by Hargraves November 13, 2003
use by people who are gay
50cent sings g unit in all his songs, therefore he is gay
by andy May 20, 2003

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