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1. G-Man (Shortening of "Government-Man") is a word used to describe a special agent of the FBI or other such law enforcement agency.

2. The famous mysterious character from the game "Half-Life" who was sent in to clean up the incident. He appears throughout the game, supervising your progress.
1. The drug bust operation was put in the hands of an FBI g-man.
2. The g-man was one of Half-Life's most memorable characters.
by Cardboard Box February 04, 2005
government dude from
halflife/halflife 2 sent to wrap things up with the "incident" in the game, then hires your ass
appears randomly in suit and is kinda creepy..
can it be?? the gman wooo!
by double you tee eff? November 28, 2004
1: (n) Any government agent, or specifically an FBI agent. Term originates from "Machine Gun" Kelly, who used it to address the FBI agents sent to arrest him in Memphis.
2: A character in the Half-Life game series.
1: "Don't shoot, G-Men!"

2: You see him several times in the game, but G Man is immortal. Don't waste your ammo.
by ShadowForm February 07, 2006
Character from the Half Life video game series. A secretive character with an emaciated appearance, dressed in a business suit along with a briefcase.
"We work for the same mystery. We do not speak it's name." -Vortigaunt
by Bajesus August 22, 2005
The G-Man is Gordon's boss and stalker. He is a grunt gray suited man that keeps an eye on Gordon everywhere he goes. Nobody knows if he is an enemy or an ally.
Locations of the G-Man:
1. Point Insertation: Talking to you before you get in train.
2. "A Red Letter Day": On Kleiner' monitor.
3. Route Kanal: In the Citizen's Boxcar's TV.
4. Water Hazard: On the pier of Station 7.
5. Water Hazard: On the broken Combine monitor.
6. Water Hazard: On the bocany at the second level with the Airboat's cannon.
7. Water Hazard: After the Chopper battle, on the way to the dam control.
8. "We Don't Go To Ravenholm...": Behind some train cars.
9. Highway 17: Threw the Combine Scope at the second house with the thumper, seen talking to Odessa Cubbage.
10. Nova Prospkt: On the first Combine security monitor, flip the swich 2 times.
11. Adicitizen One: On the TV in the destroyed familer building.
12. Adicitizen One: On the monitor the Citizens are pulling down.
13. Dark Energy: Talking to you after portal got destroyed.
14. Undue Alarm: Captured by the Vortigaunts.
15. This Vorial Coil: Talking to you, while Vorts heal Alyx.
16. Freeman Phonex: On the bridge at the second level.
17. Under The Radar: Going inside White Forest Inn.
18. Our Mentel Feind: On the monitor where Mossman's video held.
(That is it intill Episode Three)
by Mega Sean 45 June 18, 2008
n. An FBI agent, Federal marshal, or other law enforcement officer who can kick your ASS.
Eliot Ness was the original G-man.
by fizzle April 02, 2004
A nickname for the NFL football team, New York Giants. It is a combination of another nickname and their formal name.
Men In Blue + Giants = G men
You see the G men wreck the Eagles last week?

The G men are the greatest sports team in the world, and the Eagles are the worst.

I hate the Philadelphia Eagles, they smell. GO G MEN!!!
by Jersey Boy June 27, 2006
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