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A person who escorts and/or watches over another (the “Charge”) to ensure that the other is safe and is not “hit on” unreasonably by others. A Protector can and often will allow others to interact with the charge. A Protector-charge relationship is usually an open relationship and can involve elements of Dominance, service, training and/or scening, at the option of the parties. The inclusion of these elements is usually left to express negotiation and agreement between the parties. A Protector-charge relationship generally is not expected to last for a long term, but generally may last for one or several months.
She attended her first BDSM with a Dominant friend acting as her protector.
by txtantra November 30, 2003
31 20
A gentleman with a cool,even temperament who commonly has traits such as being tall, handsome, good build, broad shoulders, intimidates to wolves, clean-neat appearance and walks with an erect gait. Smaller, petite college women in cities can or will most often enough seek out these traits in a mate for their role as a 'protector' or someone that would ward off would be wolves or opportunistic predatory men. These types of men could have day jobs as Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military or other roles women typically view as 'hero's or doing service to the community but exceptions always exist. These men might view themselves as modern day 'super hero's' and put an 'S' on their Toyota 4Runner or license plate. The ladies will often enough choose these men of valor to marry as being their perfect knight in shining armor to provide security and stability in an otherwise unpredictable world. Note: uneducated back wood rednecks do not generally serve this type of role to educated, career minded city woman.
An uneducated, shorter redneck guy goes to the city and notices a lot of smaller, cute petite ladies with tall men with them and asks, 'what is up with all these tree's hanging over these women here?' Another guy responds back that those men are their protectors because the city is a dangerous, insecure place without them.
by honestguy87110 August 11, 2009
14 8