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Incredible post hardcore, godfathers of emo. Jeremy Enigk screams his lungs out for our own enjoyment. Dan Hoerner=godhead. When Nate Mendel quit, they died-he invented the rad bass licks of the nineties. And W. Goldsmith, the drummer, is so RAW.

Albums to get-Diary, LP2, How it feels to be something on

Too bad they broke up.
Burningofthemidnightlamp: Emo is so lame. But i love old emo; like sunny day real estate, they rock.
Punkrudeloser:Yeps. Emo is lame. Why does it remind you of real estate? thats just creepy.
Burningofthemidnightlamp:...intolerant fuck.
by burningofthemidnightlamp December 07, 2004
An "original" indie/emo band. SDRE, along with the other bands in the 1980s that first started emo, they are very awesome and actually talented unlike the "emo" crap we now have on MTV.
I love Sunny Day Real Estate, but I HATE that My Chemical Romance crap on MTV.
#indie #emo #cool #awesome #talent
by someone from new york January 21, 2009
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